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Dopo Yume @ rateyourmusic.com

i've added Dopo Yume to the rateyourmusic.com database because they weren't there yet and i wanted to be able to put them on my lists. now i'd like to upload the album cover images for Yumania and/or Yumania Reloaded and In the Bedroom but the ones i've found so far seem smaller than 150x150 pixels, which is the minimum size, although 280x280 or larger would be preferable. so if anyone could please point me to some good images, it would be much appreciated.
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Hey Dopo Fans

The boys were just featured on North Shore! Good thing I watch this show every week - I mean...

Haha, they played Body and Soul while MJ was walking into her apartment. The episode is called "Burned", and I'm sure FOX will rerun it soon enough.
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Check it out.

There needs to be some crazy promotion going on here.

I'm currently camping out on The Killers board, making a fuss (no pun intended) over Dopo.

And playing cards are the new flyer.


Hey all! :) As the title suggests, I'm a newbie to the world of Dopo Yume. After hearing great things about the band from their fans (most specifically, Kristina from the official site, who has been MORE than kind and generous), I've decided to make the leap into fandom!

I've only purchased their True Romance album tonight, so I'm not too familiar with any songs. It doesn't help that I have dial-up, and a very old granny of a computer--so I couldn't take advantage of the Jukebox. :( But I've heard this band has a sound like none other...which is exactly what I look for in music! Uniqueness is grand!

Anyway, just thought I'd say "hey" and add a little intro. :D I look forward to being a full-blown fan. ♥
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travelog updated ..

heylo fellow dopeheads.

+ just wanted to give the heads up that i uploaded a plethora of photos to the site from the guy's last 3 shows and from their trip to brazil and mexico city (with fischerspooner!).

+ also, the guys are now on http://myspace.com, look for them, add them, and then rank them so that more people can find them, add them, and rank them! :)

i'll be adding some new lj icons to the street team site sometime this week.
they're already added, along with matching dopo message board avatars.

tis all for now.

(anyone out there? CHECK IN!)
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its all about the CRYSTALs

kristen - i should've rubbed this by your approval first, if you dont like it, tough shit. no i kid, if you dont like it, we'll change it.

but the dy LJ is now spruced up with some flava.. flava crystals that is.

featured this time around: ADAM CRYSTAL.
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Kristina is now a co-maintainer of this community so that it might be four million times as dopotastic as it was before. Get ready for some graphic changes. We've got a website creating genius in our midst!!!

Live up to that, momma